Heart Puppy Puppet Craft

Heart Puppy Puppet Craft with a FREE Printable template from The Littles & Me

When I was a little kid one of the crafts I remember doing and absolutely loving was making paper bag puppets. Anyone else? As a mama I often find myself trying to recreate the highlights of my childhood for my girls and so around here paper bag crafts are a hit. This Heart Puppy Puppet Craft is so simple to make and best of all you only need simple craft materials that you probably already have on hand. These puppets are perfect to pair with your favorite puppy book for some reading and crafting fun. We really love Snuggle Puppy because of the sweet simple words and the adorable illustrations, but just about any puppy book will do! 

Heart Puppy Puppet Craft from The Littles and Me

Let's get crafting! First of all you'll need to gather all of the supplies. You should have most (if not all) of the supplies around your house.

Heart Puppy Puppet Craft Supply List

Construction Paper
Glue Stick
Paper Lunch Sack
Printed Template (Free download at the bottom of this post!)

Heart Puppy Puppet Craft from The Littles & Me


1 | Cut out the heart templates.

2 | Using a pencil or pen trace around the heart onto the construction paper (you can choose whatever colors you like).

3 | Let your child glue the head piece onto the flap of the paper bag using a glue stick. Watch your puppy come to life as you glue on the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, & paws!

4 | Enjoy playing with your puppets while you read your favorite puppy book!

Heart Puppy Puppet Craft from The Littles & Me

It's so fun to use your puppets to act out the book as you read along. It really brings the pages of the book to life especially when you add silly voices.  Oh and in case you were wondering... yes, B made her puppet totally by herself (I only helped her put together the bow) and her placement of the ears crack me up every time. Ha! 

Heart Puppy Puppet Craft from The Littles & Me


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